Round and round we go

Dubuque’s first roundabout.

The local newspaper says Dubuque plans to build its second roundabout next summer at a busy intersection a block away from its first roundabout.

The second roundabout will be at North Grandview and University avenues.  The first is at the intersection of North Grandview Avenue and Delhi and Grace streets.

This is a good thing.

I like roundabouts even though I have witnessed many near accidents in them. They are still better than driving through one four-way stop intersection after another.

And having back-to-back roundabouts will be a good thing for at least one other reason. If Dubuque begins to look more like a city in Wisconsin, where there are a lot of roundabouts, maybe its grocery and liquor stores will be able to sell Spotted Cow. The New Glarus Brewing Co. beer can be purchased only in Wisconsin. And, technically, this makes many of my fellow Iowans outlaws.

Now there’s a law that needs to be changed. If Iowans can be trusted to learn the rules for navigating roundabouts, surely we can be trusted to safely bring back the beer we can only buy in Wisconsin.

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