A meatless sandwich? Try this one, you just might like it

As our nest begins to empty, we’ve been slowly adopting an almost-vegetarian diet.

I’ve written about this some on my Facebook page. Awhile back, we started watching Jamie’s Ultimate Veg on public television. That led to our purchase of Ultimate Veg, the companion book written by chef Jamie Oliver. We have enjoyed several of the recipes from the book.

In an effort to expand our menu, Janet clipped some recipes from Eating Well magazine, including this one, which I made the other night. It turned out pretty well. In fact, it tasted great. Sadly, however, I am a sloppy cook. And making a grilled sandwich with grated cheese and clumps of roasted cauliflower challenged my abilities. Ingredients kind of went everywhere when I flipped the sandwiches in the skillet to grill the other side. The recipe writer offered a solution for this challenge: Use a panini maker, which we don’t have.

Fortunately, we had leftovers after supper. When I looked at them a day or so later at lunch, inspiration hit. I put all of the leftovers in the food processor and turned them into a paste, which I then put between two slices of bread and made a grilled sandwich. Let me tell you, that sandwich was the bomb. It held together. It tasted great. I’m sure we’ll eat this again in the future.

Try it. You just might like it.

For those of you interested in this sort of thing, Eating Well breaks this sandwich down nutritionally as follows: Calories: 488/Fat 28G/Cholesterol 50MG/Carbs 40G/Protein 17G/Fiber 8G/Sodium 832MG/Potassium 583MG

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