Prayers for a president and a nation

How is anyone supposed to know what to believe about President Trump’s health?

Normally, I’d link to some background here for the things on which I am writing. I’m not going to do that this time. There is plenty of news out there about the president’s case of COVID-19. And there may be even more conspiracy theories. I had decided not to comment about any of it, partly because I feared falling into the easy trap of being snarky.

Then, on Sunday, the president made his security detail and possibly others join him on a joyride in an airtight vehicle to wave at Trump supporters gathered near Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. It’s hard to imagine someone having the wealth, fame and power of Donald Trump and still being so needy. What kind of person needs adulation so much that he would possibly threaten the lives of those who protect him? I read somewhere on Twitter that the Secret Service agents on the president’s security detail would take a bullet to save his life, but they likely never thought he would be the one firing the gun.

I pray they do not become ill. If they do, I pray they quickly and fully recover.

Trump has never been my idea of what the President of the United States should be. There is little — if anything — about him worth emulating. He seems to personify pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath, and sloth. And I don’t think someone can be a really good president if he or she isn’t a good person in the first place.

So I have prayed for the president many times during what I hope will be his only term in office. I have asked for God to help him in the ways He helps me. I have prayed for the president and first lady to fully recover from COVID-19.

For once in his life, I am now praying the president might put others ahead of himself.

I’ll close with the words of Neil Steinberg, a columnist for the Chicago Sun-Times: “If I could wish anything, I would wish that the irony would dawn on him, that COVID-19 is real just as science is real. And I wish he would realize, as a grateful man would, that he is fortunate to have health insurance and good doctors around him, and maybe he should work so that all Americans can say the same.”

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