Eat your heart out, Rush Limbaugh

Because I try to be at this post before 5:00 most mornings, I go to bed pretty early. Early enough that I didn’t watch Joe Biden’s speech at last night’s Democratic National Convention. I’ve read some commentary about it this morning and the main criticism dismissively seems to be that all he proved is he can give a speech in an empty room.

Conservative pundit Ann Coulter went so far on Twitter to accuse Biden and his people of pre-recording the speech many times and editing together the best parts to make him look good. Some people have the ability to see conspiracies everywhere they look.

So to those who think it’s easy to look into a camera in an empty room and give a good speech, I say: Try it.

Set up your smart phone, hit record and give it a shot.

This morning, I have discovered how easy it is to shoot a selfie video, get it from my phone to my computer and post it to this website. Well, the technology is easy. The performance is another story.

Maybe I’ll try this again in the future. It’s more likely, however, I’ll just stick to written words.