To be like Neil and write every day

Photo of Neil Steinberg by Karie Angell Luc and borrowed without permission from Steinberg’s blog. I hope he won’t mind.

Nearly 11 years ago, I started this blog. This is the 686th post I have written in that time. That’s an annual average of 62 posts — roughly one post per week.

Those posts have been written in phases. At first, I intended for this blog to supplement what I was doing at the time as the editor of an award-winning small, daily newspaper. I wrote 88 posts in the first year and didn’t really start blogging until my newspaper job was eliminated in a round of budget cuts in 2012. In the first year after that cataclysmic life change, I wrote 227 blog posts. Blogging became an inexpensive form of therapy as I processed what had happened and figured out what to do next.

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