Adding a new wrinkle

I wrote in a recent posting about my workouts for the week.

This week was similar: Cycling classes (4); Pilates classes (2); Chicometrics classes (2); one fitness class in which we do circuit training; two sessions in the weight room. One of the sessions in the weight room was today – and that’s where I added a couple of new wrinkles: supersets mixed with cardio in between the sets.

Supersets, according to, are two exercises performed back to back that target opposing muscle groups. And you don’t rest in between sets.

 The experts at say more of us schlubs should do supersets because they:

* Are a great technique for increasing muscle size.

* Reduce the amount of time you spend in the gym because you work multiple muscle groups at the same time.

* Enable you to push your muscles to their limits with lighter weights, which means you can still have a great workout with minimal equipment.

This was my workout today – three sets of 12-15 repetitions of the following:

* Bench press with two 50-pound dumbbells.

*Shoulder shrugs with two 50-pound dumbbells.

* Weighted side bends with one 50-pound dumbbell.

In between each of the three sets I jogged on treadmill for two minutes at 5 mph.

* Standing dumbbell rows with two 25-pound dumbbells.

* Dead lift with two 25-pound dumbbells.

* Squats with two 25-pound dumbbells.

 In between each of the three sets I jogged on treadmill for two minutes at 5 mph.

* Seated triceps curls with one 25-pound dumbbell.

* Curls with two 20-pound dumbbells

* Flies with 15-pound dumbbells

 In between each of the three sets I jogged on treadmill for two minutes at 5 mph.

If my math and record-keeping are correct, I jogged somewhere in the neighborhood of 18 minutes and just a little more than a mile. These are not amazing numbers, but in a way they are because I am not a runner and I have never liked jogging or running.

It definitely made what was supposed to be a weightlifting workout harder. It took about 50 minutes of pretty much continuous work and I was soaked when I was done.

I have friends who know a lot more about all of this than I do who may decide to weigh in with a comment. – pun intended. But I’m going to keep doing this workout and building on it. It can’t hurt me in the weight-loss contest I entered at the Muscatine Community Y. In this same contest last year, I only lost a half-pound. In the first two weeks of this year’s contest, I’ve lost 9 pounds.