Quote of the Day and other stuff

Dali Lama

Don’t have a lot of time to blog this morning. Other duties call.

But someone sent me this the other night and it is a powerful message — one worth sharing this morning.

Coincidence … or not: The other day, I mentioned that the Muscatine Rotary Club had accepted me as a member.

Friday, I attended an orientation meeting with four other new members. They are all people I know already — most of them pretty well. It was interesting to get to know them better, however, and to be thrown on to a team with them that will be taking on a fundraising project for the club.

It’s not clear yet what shape that project will take, but I’ll blog about it as details emerge.

What was fortuitous about this meeting is that the group seemed to like an idea I suggested, one that I borrowed from a Rotary club in another community where I used to live. And that gave me an excuse to call an old friend who is involved in that club. It was great to catch up with this friend, someone with whom I hadn’t spoken in quite a while and whose advice I needed to hear.

It’s funny how things work out like that from time to time.

More bloggage: Another friend sent me this link to a funny video on YouTube. For the record, I have NO problem with this scenario when it involves law enforcement. Might make me a little nervous if it involved a roomful of anyone else.

Hope you all enjoy your Saturday.