I’m good enogh, I’m smart enough …

The Wall 2
Please note, I neither framed the wall nor put up the drywall. I merely helped carry the supplies.

Stuart Smalley crept on to my Facebook page today.

Stuart Smalley
Stuart Smalley

For too many reasons to list here, I’ve been dealing with more than the normal volume of critical inner thoughts. So, I figured, some Stuart-like positive self-affirmation couldn’t hurt and I posted this on my Facebook page:


Having said all of the above, here is my positive thought for the day: My new job at MCSA appears to be the right fit for me at the right time because it utilizes the only skills at which I have excelled through the years, including:

  • Writing a little — a newsletter here, a grant application there or a blog post over there. Writing has long been something I’ve taken for granted, but the truth is, I’m better at it than many of my friends are.
  • Carrying heavy things — something I’ve done a lot of in the past week as some remodeling has been underway at MCSA. It’s given me an opportunity to carry plenty of lumber and building supplies.
  • Talking — Ask my mother, I’ve never known a stranger and have seldom known when to shut up. And I’ve sat in enough meetings and given tours and done other duties as assigned that have given me plenty of recent opportunities to talk. And talk. And talk.

There you go, Stuart — my short list of positive thoughts. May they help to silence the negative inner critics — at least for a while.