Damage from derecho lingers after more than 2 weeks

MARSHALLTOWN, Iowa — Seeing is believing.

Maybe that’s a cliche, but words and phrases often become cliched because they are true. Such is the case with the derecho, the widespread straight-line wind storm that hit parts of Iowa on August 10. Wind gusts of up to 140 mph swept across Iowa, destroying crops and trees, damaging houses and businesses. Thousands of Iowans lost electrical power for several days as crews worked overtime to repair storm damage.

That work is ongoing even now in many places, including Marshalltown, a central Iowa city of maybe 27,00 people. Two years ago, a tornado devastated the north side of Marshalltown. It destroyed the spire from the top of the courthouse, along with several homes, businesses, and downtown buildings. It left a path of destruction 1,200 yards wide and about nine miles long.

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