The Brome Hill Top 10


Top 10 Reasons for posting something — anything — tonight on this blog:

10. It’s Friday, Jan. 25, and nothing has been posted in these parts for four days. Traffic has plummeted to 41 page views today.

9. National Pie day came and went Wednesday without a post here, which means I missed an opportunity to tell the tale of Pie Heaven.

8. Recalling Pie Heaven makes me think about RAGBRAI. And that reminds me of where I will be Saturday night: The RAGBRAI route-announcement party in Des Moines. And that means posts here on Saturday and Sunday are not likely. Tweets, however, are a possibility if you’d like to follow me @csteinbach.

7. It was a busy week at work, but it ended on a high note. We learned Friday MCSA is supposed to receive $10,000 as a result of a grant application I helped write earlier this month.

6. Receiving that grant means I’ve raised somewhere in the neighborhood of 25 percent of my $50,000 fundraising goal for this year at MCSA. Did I mention we are only 25 days into the first of the 12 months I have to achieve this goal?

5. I have at least two really exciting ideas for raising more money at MCSA. They are so cool that I’d love to tell you all about them right now, but these stories are not yet ready to be told.

4. Something had to be posted here tonight so that Steve Garvin, a Muscatine friend and  new subscriber to the blog, can see what the alerts look like that he will receive via email every time something is posted here. Welcome to the blog, Steve. It’s nice to see you catching up on the technology front with your 89-year-old mother.

3. Writing a Top 10 list seemed like a fast and easy way to string together enough words to make a decent blog post. And I’m starting to think I may have been wrong on both counts. It is neither fast nor easy.

2. Did I already mention National Pie Day and Pie Heaven? Ah, what a great memory.

1. Again, Pie Heaven prompts RAGBRAI memories, so by posting about it today, I can get in my prediction for this year’s route. I think it will start in Council Blufs and end in Keokuk. But it doesn’t really matter. Thousands of people will be there the last full week in July regardless of where the route goes across Iowa.