Dancing while being physically distanced sounds like jive talkin’

News item: PLATTEVILLE, Wis. — About 40 people attended a dance for Platteville High School seniors where at least some attendees did not appear to wear masks or physically distance themselves.

Dancing while physically distancing themselves? How do you do that? And wasn’t it part of the plot to Footloose? If it wasn’t, it could have been.

If today’s students figure out how to dance while physically distancing themselves because of the pandemic, I offer this tip to the deejays at high school dances everywhere: Scratch this from your playlists. On second thought, maybe students don’t slow dance to Journey these days anyway. It’s been awhile since I attended a high school dance. Or a college dance. Or really any kind of dance. The last dance I attended was at a wedding nearly a year ago. And we were not physically distanced, but we may have spent as much time not dancing as we did dancing.

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