Making asses of themselves in the letters to the editor

I’m not likely to attend the donkey basketball game being held Wednesday night at Louisa-Muscatine High School as a fundraiser for the school’s FFA program.

But I’ll bet Lee Blake of Evansville, Wyo.; Rhonda Stock of Estevan, Saskatchewan; and Carol Huff of Hartwell, Ga., won’t be there either. And I can’t help but wonder why they are so worried about a fundraiser in Muscatine County. Or why they would think their opinions matter to anyone here.

There must be important issues closer to home on which they could focus their concern. But I wasn’t concerned enough to discover them by doing a Google search for those communities. And I’m sure not going to write letters to the editors of their local newspapers.

The great thing about this fundraiser is that its proceeds will help students. But now that the game is almost over, not having to read any more letters from Blake, Stock and Huff in our local newspaper is a nice perk, too.

Donkey ball