Sleeplessness isn’t just for Seattle anymore

So, how did you sleep last night?

In my social media feeds, I’ve noticed a lot of people tweeting and posting throughout the night. And how do I know this? Well, I may have been in bed for nearly 8 hours last night, but I only slept for about 6 1/2 hours, according to the sleep cycle app on my iPhone. It felt as if I was awake every two hours, waking up after one weird or anxiety-fueled dream after another.

This has become somewhat typical. I’m pretty sure I have lots of company. Why wouldn’t I? We’re in the middle of a worldwide pandemic, millions of Americans are out of work, and the president of the United States speaks like this. If he was your father or grandfather, you’d probably be sitting down for a family discussion about what to do with pops. (His supporters argue the other candidate, who is 77, is just as bad.) And now his plan for addressing the pandemic seems to be veering towards herd immunity, a theory critics say could lead to the deaths of 2.5 million Americans. No big deal, right?

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