Things you missed by not listening to NPR

Not a lot of time today, but I wanted to post something here, so here goes …

Gabe-F4Two things I heard Wednesday on NPR have stuck with me. I heard them while driving home from my mom’s after Christmas.

The first was a segment on “Talk of the Nation” with Ken Rudin, NPR’s Political Junkie blogger. In the segment, Rudin faced off in a trivia battle with Gabe Fleisher, a fifth-grader from St. Louis who puts together an email political newsletter everyday before school. He has 375 subscribers.  And he is clearly a bright kid.

dick-wolf-author-imageThe second was an interview with Dick Wolf on “All Things Considered.” Wolf, who is better known as the creator of the long-running TV show, “Law & Order,” has written “The Intercept,” his debut novel.

Given that I loved “Law & Order” and I am also a fan of this genre of fiction, I am anxious to read the book.

That’s going to be it from me today. Make it a good one.