It’ll be just like starting over

Kelly Klass is a lucky man. If he dedicates himself, he will lose weight in the next eight or nine months and become a lot healthier.

I knew of Kelly when I lived in Twin Falls, Idaho, but we didn’t know each other. He is a radio personality who hosts a daily talk show with my good friend Jill Skeem. In her day job, Jill is a nutrition counselor and she helped me lose almost 100 pounds three years ago in a project we wrote about in the newspaper where I worked at the time. She and Kelly have launched a similar program for their radio show.

I wish Kelly well even though I envy him just a bit. You see, after Jill helped me, I went through a lot of challenges, fell back into old habits and have gained back all the weight she helped me lose.

In the past week, I’ve had to admit this to myself because of a:
* Team weight-loss contest I entered last week at the Muscatine Community Y.
* Health assessment I went through this week as part of a switch in health-insurance carriers at work. My blood sugar and cholesterol levels are OK, but my blood pressure was inching towards being too high and I simply weigh way too much. On a scale from 1-100, I scored a 78 on the assessment. I need to lose about 70 pounds in the short-term and 100-130 in the long-term.

Oh, and this will come as no surprise to Jill. In addition to losing weight, the assessment told me I need to relax more and quit having so many negative thoughts about myself. It said I need to be happier.

So today, I downloaded a pod cast of the radio show Jill hosts with Klass. It was good to hear her again — even if it was on the Internet. It will help me recommit to doing the things I need to do. You can listen to Jill by going here. Click on the program for 010810. It’s in the first segment of the show.

Since Jill is only 1,500 miles away, I’m going have to go through this process again — this time by listening to her as she helps Kelly and by making myself accountable by writing this blog that no one reads.

In a nutshell, here are the things Jill would tell me to do — and which I am doing again:
1. Eating three meals a day. Each meal must have at least one vegetable and one whole grain.
2. Sitting at a table and taking at least 20 minutes to eat each meal, making sure to chew each mouthful at least 30 times.
3. Focusing on the meal and not watching TV while eating.
4. Putting my fork down in between each mouthful.

There are two don’ts. I don’t:
1. Eat between meals.
2. Drink water with a meal. Doing so allows me to eat too fast by guzzling water to wash it all down, so I eat meals without having anything to drink.

More later. I’ve babbled long enough

2 thoughts on “It’ll be just like starting over

  • Wow, Danelle. My first honest-to-goodness comment on this thing. Thank you. If you have time, you might want to listen to some of Jill’s podcast. Her advice is so simple, but, obviously, not always easy to carry through. She is a good friend. And so are you.

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