Way better than Brett

A 43-year-old Green Bay Packers fan in Muscatine, Iowa, left the room for five seconds Thursday night and missed the first touchdown scored by the New Orleans Saints against the Minnesota Vikings.

What he did not miss, however, was Colbie Caillat’s performance of the national anthem. While it may not be among the best ever, it was better than this AND more entertaining than the game. And it is the talk of the Internet today. This story is especially amusing. Her appearance might have stopped the gambling, but her performance had little to do with it. She is a nice-looking girl and an OK singer. But many of the viewers tuned in for the game would have been OK with it if NBC had just killed the sound and left the camera on her for two minutes.

Like me, many of them probably knew little about her until they did a Google search and realized they had at least heard “Bubbly.” 

Colbie Caillat and Brett Favre leading the Vikings to an 0-1 start … God bless the NFL. At least there was something else on to watch besides Keith Olbermann. Speaking of whom — check this out — you may enjoy it even if you hate Keith.

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