A not-so-great fall Saturday in Muscatine


The Celebration Belle stopped in Muscatine today — an otherwise rainy and dreary Saturday. 

In other news, the Muscatine Journal editorial board had this to say on Thursday: 

Louisa County wage situation underscores national problem 

What working stiff hasn’t fantasized about throwing a Poage? 

And what is that, you might be asking about the workplace term we’ve coined in honor of Alana Poage, Louisa County’s Public Health director. 

Poage asked the Louisa County Board of Supervisors Monday for an immediate 1 percent pay raise for herself and six employees in her department. The wage increase – a total of $2,003 annually for seven people – was recommended by the County Board of Health following favorable performance reviews of the employees. As non-union employees, they did not receive raises in the county’s last budgeting cycle. Go here to see the rest. 

On Wednesday, the New York Times reported on the same trend — The growing national problem of reconciling how much taxpayers are willing to pay for the level of services they have grown accustomed to receiving with what the local governments can afford to provide. 

The Times told the story of Daniel Varela Sr., the rookie mayor of Livingston, Calif. He learned this the hard way when he was booted from office last month in a landslide recall election. His crime? He had the temerity to push through the small city’s first water-rate increase in more than a decade to try to fix its aging water system, which he said spewed brownish, smelly water from rusty pipes. 

How can anyone think anything will improve if Republicans take control? We’ll just be forced to endure differing variations of the same problems. 

Football, football and more football 

A roundup of how the good guys have done so far: 

LOST: Davenport Central 33, Muscatine 27 
LOST: Fairfield 34, Chariton 14 
WON: Iowa 45, Ball State 0 
 WON: Morningside College 36, Midland University 7 
And I have to say I’m not crazy about the retro uniforms the Hawkeyes wore today. They look cool, but watching amateur athletes wear what is essentially a marketing gimmick for Nike just cements what big-time college football is all about: Money. 


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