The Hibernating Bears

The Muscatine Community Y earlier this year held a weight-loss contest, the Y’s Weigh, which was won by Brad and Mary Spratt and Mike Gimble and Penny Corber, all of Muscatine. They lost an average of 13.18 percent of their body weight in nine weeks.

I lost – get ready for this – 8 ounces. Undeterred, I’ve signed up again for the contest, which began Nov. 1 and runs through March 1. I’m on a team this time around with friends Seth, Tammy and Erik. We are calling ourselves the Hibernating Bears, but our goal is to do anything but hibernate.

I definitely didn’t hibernate in the first week of the contest. My workouts included: Monday, spinning class; Tuesday, Pilates class; Wednesday, 40-minutes or so of total-body weight-lifting in the morning, 45-minute cycling class in the evening; Thursday, Chicometrics class in early morning, spinning at noon and Pilates class in evening; Friday, 30-minutes or so of total-body weight-lifting and 50 minutes of indoor cycling; Saturday, biked 25 miles outside; Sunday, 55 minutes of indoor cycling.

Also, doing much better on the diet, sticking to three meals and cutting back on snacking. Didn’t drink any soft drinks or eat any candy this week. All good.

And after weighing myself this afternoon, I’ve lost 7 pounds since weighing in for this contest in the last week of October. Actually, in past two months, I’m down 27 pounds. The better indicator, I think, is some people have started to notice. And some of my clothes are fitting better. The picture was taken this afternoon after I finished at the gym.

Just gonna keep working at it and will see what happens this week.

4 thoughts on “The Hibernating Bears

  • Wow – how do you have time for your job with all that exercise? Good for you – wish I could push myself to exercise that much. (Having the sun come up earlier today DID motivate me to go for a walk on the riverfront before breakfast, but probably won’t happen on a school day…)
    Keep it up – you’ll have lots of cheerleaders!

  • Lori, shhhhhh. Don’t say anything about spending too much time working out.

    Actually, I go to the Y at 5:30 a.m. I’m usually at work by shortly after 8. And I’ve decided during the duration of this weight-loss contest that I’m going to go back to Y in the evening at last 3-4 nights a week.

    All this does is cut my work week back to a level it should have been in the first place … the Journal will still get plenty of work out of me. And it will cut into my sitting around in the evening watching TV and wasting time on Facebook. Time is better spent at the Y.

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