Becoming a blogger

There ought to be an “under construction” sign and some yellow tape put up around these parts as I learn how to make it look right.

I’m still not satisfied, but I’ll keep at it. For starters, I want to remove the slogan, “Thoughts from a small-town newspaperman.”

For the life of me, I can’t figure  out how to do it.

This blog will be more than a mere daily journal, but much has happened in the past few days, so it’s worth some comment.

My day started this morning at that newspaper whose name I no longer feel like promoting.  Had to clean out my old office.

Much of the rest of the day was spent networking — on the phone, via text messages, tweets and Facebook comments. Oh, yeah, I met a real, live person for some networking at lunch. And I may have also done some successful networking in a cycling class this morning at the Muscatine Community Y. I guess the lesson in that is you never know who you might meet — or where you might meet.

And the same is true online. It pleases me that this little blog has had more dialogue with readers in the past 24 hours than has that old newspaper’s website. I know who only some of you are. To anyone else who may be following this effort, I’m glad you’re here. Please keep coming back and posting comments. Also, please be sure to tell others about this little corner of the Internet.

That’s it for now. It feels as if I’ve worked hard today and I really haven’t done much. I’m tired.

Here’s to getting some better sleep tonight. But first, let me tease you with a news tip: Something interesting is going to happen in Muscatine on March 7. Once again, I think I may be the only Muscatine reporter in the room and I’m looking forward to it.

10 thoughts on “Becoming a blogger

  • Okay, I enjoy a good tease. 😉

    But don’t be in such a rush to remove your slogan. What you’re doing here is where newspapers are headed, so you might as well hold onto the nostalgic tag. Lord knows you’ve earned it. Besides, can you really get it out your blood? Or want to even if you could? I don’t think so.

    • Get it out of my blood? Probably not. For sure, it will take more than a day.

      I saw your post on Facebook. Can hardly wait to see what that stirs up. It might even surpass the humorous anonymous comments posted on that other website.

  • It’s too bad that things turned out as they. It’ll be all to soon when we no longer have a hometown paper

  • I agree with previous comments. You may just have an outlet here to give that unnamed newspaper a run for its money. Line up a couple of advertisers and voila, we might have real journalism in Muscatine again. That unnamed paper’s efforts today were filled with misspellings and typo’s. You’re obviously missed already.

    • Thanks, Kerri. To be fair, Rusty Schrader, who is still there, caught and fixed more errors than I did. But I’m pretty sure my absence will further increase his workload at least for a while, which could maybe lead to fewer mistakes being caught and fixed. And Steve Jameson caught and pointed out many typos in my copy.

  • Hiya Chris!
    You can change your “slogan” by going to Settings and then General. It’s one of the first things on the screen.

    March 7th, huh? Looking forward to it!

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