Crossfit: When you’re too sore to think about anything else

President Barack Obama. Photo: The Associated Press

President Barack Obama accepted the nomination at the Democratic National Convention to run for re-election in November.

For my money, Vice President Joe Biden proved he is more than just the punchline he is caricatured to be by some Republicans.

And Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., gave perhaps the best speech of his career at the DNC2012 — as the convention is called in the Twittersphere.

There is much to write about in the world of politics. For 34 words, please allow me one rant: I am sick of politicians — Republican and Democrat alike — standing before the nation and trying to out-humble each other as they discuss their roots and how tough they once had it. Spare me.

There, I feel better.

Maybe I should shift gears and write about the Iowa-Iowa State football game this weekend. The really cool thing about the game — which I predict Iowa State will win — will actually happen in Muscatine tonight. The ISU Marching Band will play at the Muscatine High School home football game against Burlington at 7:30 And then those band members will bunk for the night in the homes of Muscatine residents before heading to Iowa City for the big game on Saturday.

But the truth is I’m so darn sore from the workout I did Wednesday at Warrior Crossfit Muscatine that it’s hard to think about anything else. It takes concentration and determination just to stand up.

Looking through the archives, I started blogging about my Crossfit adventures in April. I worked out there at least two or three times a week for the better part of four months. And then I took a moth off, as I mentioned the other day.

The time I took off was long enough to forget the soreness. I must have been this sore many times in April, May, June and July. My mind must have just blocked the memory.

This soreness, however, has been a blessing. It has distracted me from worrying too much about news I have been awaiting and have not yet received. It makes me anxious. But Thursday it was all I could do to think about just getting up and down my stairs.

Today is a new day. Here’s to good news. And a little less soreness.

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