What’s old is new again

Journal mugWhen I logged on to the local newspaper this morning on my iPhone, THIS is what first popped up. It’s also what is atop the local news link at muscatinejournal.com.


This could prove to be a great way for the Journal to drive away traffic from its website. But I am grateful that Journal Publisher and Editor Steve Jameson has agreed to my writing a monthly column about poverty and homelessness on behalf of my employer, MCSA. Please go here to read the full column and why I am now writing it.

Longtime readers know I started writing Brome Hill after my job as editor at the Journal was eliminated in a round of budget cuts. It was a personally difficult time and even though I tried to be dipolomatic, I’m sure many of my comments were not read that way by some of those who remained at the newspaper.

Knowing that adds to the gratitude I feel for Steve giving me this opportunity now to better represent MCSA. Thank you, Steve.

For anyone who cares, the columns are to run in the newspaper — and, it looks like, on its website, too — on the second Wednesday of each month. I’m looking forward to it.



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