‘Y’ wait until now?

New Year's ResolutionsThe New Year appeared to begin Monday at the Muscatine Community Y

At least that’s what I concluded as I circled through the mostly full lot in search of a place to park at about 5:15 in the morning. Some numbers back me up.

I teach a class at 5:45 a.m. every Monday at the Y. When I headed out this week, it was 34 degrees. And 14 people showed up for class — most of them on time, even the regular who is regularly late and whose initials are P.D.

On Jan. 6, the first Monday of 2014, the temperature in Muscatine was 13 below as I headed for the gym early that morning. Five brave souls showed up for class — and none of them was there for the first time. Regulars all.

What a difference a 47-degree swing in temperature makes.

It was that way all day. At noon, I left my coat hanging at work and walked the 300 feet to the Wesley Youth and Family Life Center in shirtsleeves in order to go to Rotary. That’s not overly heroic, but I wouldn’t have done it a week ago. After dinner, under a nearly full moon, I took about a 30-minute walk. It was still 34 degrees.

Best of all, every day the days get a bit longer. The sun will rise at 7:28 a.m. today and will set at 4:58 p.m. The days are beginning to get longer. which can only mean one thing: RABRAI starts in 186 days.

The time to buckle down and start training is here, which reminds me: Kudos to the new people who are crowding into the gym. Good luck to you in reaching your goals.


It’s 8:05 p.m. Monday as I finish this and my Internet connecton is really slow so this is all I’ve got for now. Until the next time …

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