Odds and ends after a hedonistic weekend


If I had planned to walk out or blog about it later, I would have taken a photo of the sign at the ticket counter Saturday night at The Palms 10 Theatres in Muscatine.

Or, If I had given it some thought, maybe I’d have just gone to see a different movie.

Among other things, the sign stated many parts of Wolf of Wall Street are very graphic and that the theater would not give refunds to anyone who walked out. But how bad could it be? I’ve been known to swear too much. (The f-word is used more than 500 times in this movie.) And I’m definitely not a prude.(But how many times do you have to show someone snorting cocaine off of a beautiful woman’s naked breasts or butt cheeks?)

ScorseseI’m also not a qualified movie critic so I won’t disagree with the many reviewers who have sung the praises of director Martin Scorsese’s newest movie. It’s well made, I guess.

But it’s also a celebration of a kind of misogyny, hedonism and egocentrism that I’m sorry I supported with the $18 it costs to buy two tickets. I’m sorry because some of that money will make its way to the pocket of Jordan Bellfort.

If nothing else, I’ve helped boost gate receipts for the movie, which will no doubt help sell more copies of Bellfort’s memoirs on which the movie was based. I suppose it will also drive up the fee he can charge for the “motivational speeches” he now gives. It’s so nice to know I’m helping someone who swindled millions of Americans from hundreds of millions of their hard-earned dollars — someone who served only 22 months in prison after ratting out his former colleagues to federal investigators.

He is despicable — a fact vividly made by the movie.

But why even make the movie?

LeoScorsese and Leonardo DeCaprio, who plays Bellfort in the movie,  have defended it as “a thought-provoking portrait of decadence run amok.”

To me, it celebrates someone who viewed women merely as a means to his own pleasure, his clients as a means to his own riches. In the preceding sentence, the verbs are written in past tense, but that doesn’t mean I think Bellfort has reformed. That seems unlikely. After all, he is selling his sales techniques now — just with an added ethical component. Whatever that is.

Scorsese can do whatever he wants. It’s a free country. I just wish I’d gone to see another movie and skipped this one.


TiimeIf anything, my walking out on Wolf of Wall Street may prove the editors of Time magazine know something after all.

Time recently published this quiz, which I saw Saturday on Facebook. I had planned to blog about it before going to the movies Saturday night.

One Facebook friend said my results — 71 percent conservative vs. 29 percent liberal — must have been a typo because the results had to have been reversed. (Did I tell you my Facebook friends are a bunch of amateur comedians?)

The questions all seemed kind of silly, but the results may not have been so far off the mark after all.


dinnerSpeaking of Facebook, one friend said this weekend she had just purchased a seven-quart crock pot that is supposed to hold enough to feed nine people.

“The crock pot manufacturer has obviously never met my people,” she said of her house-full of teenagers.

But she inspired me to throw a roast, some potatoes, carrots and parsnips into a crock pot Sunday and see what turned out for dinner.

What turned out might not have fed my friend’s people. I should have let the roast cook longer — five hours on low was not long enough. It was a little chewy. But at least I didn’t go to bed hungry and there is nowhere to go but up the next time I fix dinner on a Sunday night.

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