The Day After …

This portion of Mississippi Drive is still under water this morning in Muscatine.
This portion of Mississippi Drive is still under water this morning in Muscatine.

You have to love the sound of sump pumps in the morning.

HonIf, that is, you were able to sleep last night in the parts of Muscatine that received up to 8 inches of rain in about four hours Monday. The heavy rains flooded basements, knocked down tree limbs and caused plenty of damage for many of the residents in this little city on the West Bank of the Mississippi River.

I read many accounts last night and this morning on Facebook from friends who have already spent many hours cleaning up flood water and everything it soaked.A portion of the ceiling in one friend’s kitchen collapsed, covering everything in soggy insulation.

It’s easy to feel sorry for anyone who is wrestling today with these weather-related challenges. I feel fortunate not to be in their soggy shoes.

But one of the great things about living in a town the size of ours is how friends and neighbors pull together to help friends and neighbors in need. And I’m sure there will be much of that communal cooperation in the days and weeks ahead.

The good news is it doesn’t appear more rain is expected in our community for the next several days, so maybe flood victims in Muscatine will have time to catch up with the damage wrought by Mother Nature.


If any good comes from the deluge of rain and its aftermath it just might be that it will give residents in Muscatine something to focus on that is unrelated to the shooting death that happened here Sunday afternoon.

Not much is widely known about what happened and authorities have said very little. I don’t know enough about it to comment. It’s sad to see someone die so young and to see someone else facing the prospect of life in prison at age 23.  My sympathies go out to the families of both young men.


In the days to come, I’ll try to write more about Team MCSA, the group of cyclists that will be going on RAGBRAI to raise awareness about homelessness while also raising money for MCSA, which is where I work.

In the meantime, you might want to watch this or read this feature story:


And, finally, for the three people who have made it this far. Speaking of the day after, I didn’t get upset about Monday’s Supreme Court ruling in the Burwell v. Hobby Lobby case. In my divorce settlement, I got custody rights to the Michael’s chain of arts and crafts stores, but had to give up my rights to Hobby Lobby, so I’m not likely to ever set foot in the place again anyway.


One thought on “The Day After …

  • Chris,

    make it 4 people. boy, the weather reminds me of the Spring of 93 and my time as Red Cross director. The river was literally outside my office window.


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