Where are the candidates who would agree with this?

Not the ideal candidate.

This idea is stolen mostly from George Cuddy, a friend on Facebook. The answers, however, are mine — except for the questions on which George and I agree.

Ideal candidate? Uh, no.

The ideal candidate …

Abortion: Legal, but not always easy to obtain,

Drinking Age:
Lowered to 19.

Voting Age: Leave it alone.

Stem Cell Research: Yes

Gun Control: No

Death Penalty: No

Mmmmm. Beer.

Nuclear Power: Yes

Standardized Tests: No

ANWR Drilling: No.

Alternative Energy Research: Yes.

Defense Spending: We spend enough. Maybe too much.

GMO Food: Never


Gay Marriage: Legal

Medical Marijuana: Legal

All Marijuana: Legal AND highly taxed.

Embargo of Cuba: Lifted

Interrogation Torture: Illegal

Flat Tax: No


Legal Immigration: Yes

Illegal Immigrant Amnesty: Yes

Foreign Aid to Israel: No

Foreign Aid to Enemies: No

Foreign Aid to Anyone: In general, no.

China Policy: They need us as much as we need them.

Well, do you, punk? Feel lucky?

Russia Policy: Partners

Muslim Appeasement: Never

Christian Appeasement: Never

School Prayer: It already happens every day.

Euthanasia: Yes.

Universal Health Care: Yes

Club Support: Any RAGBRAI team that knows how to have a lot of fun while still riding a bike.

Hates: Motorists who crowd bicyclists on the road.

Also Hates: Just about everything on HGTV.

Watches: Old Clint Eastwood movies, “Family Guy” and “Beavis and Butt-head” but would rather read a book than watch TV.

George Cuddy

Eats: BBQ

Drinks: Beer.

Favorite things include: Crossfit, good coffee and long bike rides.