The search for a blog post ended at House Hunters

Note: I’m wrapping up a work week on the road and time here has been scarce, so here is a post from December 2015:

Why does anyone ever agree to appear on the HGTV series House Hunters?

Or maybe no one else thinks the couples featured always come across appearing as insipid, insufferable, self-centered and selfish manifestations of the kind of Americans hated by many people around the world, including those Islamic terrorists used by presidential candidates to scare everyone else to death.

But I know that’s not true. Plenty of viewers hate House Hunters, given that it has spawned drinking games and it’s easy to find negative news about the show. So it escapes me why anyone wants to appear on House Hunters, which always seems to feature the kind of people who would motivate me to never seriously consider a career as a Realtor.

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