Quick Hit: Forgive me for saying I told you so

So the Iowa Supreme Court today declined to hear the case involving former Durant High School Principal Monica Rouse. This means Rouse must be given back her old job.

Sadly, the only people who are likely to be surprised by the news are members of the Durant school board.

And it has nothing to do with her performance as a principal. Rouse very well may be the worst principal in the history of public education. But her dismissal was mishandled from the very beginning. It always seemed obvious the school district was pouring money down a rat hole.

The time has long since passed to do what should have been done in the first place:

1. Put Rouse back in her job.

2. Document her performance.

3. Build a case and then fire her if that is what the documentation supports.

That’s what usually happens in the real world. Heaven only knows why it didn’t happen in Durant.