Blogging makes it a small world after all at MCSA

overnight towns

Blogging turns 20 this year, according to a story in The Guardian that I read tonight online.

It’s interesting I happened to read that story on Thursday, a day when Brome Hill — my blog — created a situation, with some help from social media, that would have been unimaginable to me 20 years ago.

I posted this item about my plans to organize a team for RAGBRAI with the goal of raising money for my employer and awareness for the problems caused in Iowa by homelessness. It was then shared on the RAGBRAI Facebook page by TJ Juskiewicz, the ride’s director.

And that caught the attention of a RAGBRAI veteran from Tennessee, who sent me this email:

… I live in middle Tennessee.  I’ve been riding RAGBRAI since 1990 … The idea of riding for a social action project is thrilling and I’d love to know more.

For background info, I’m in my last year of law school and my partner is a labor consultant.  We’re both 50+ and are marathoners and cyclists …

I am interested in more information about the MCSA team.  Thanks so much. I know this is a big undertaking on your part!

I sent her more information, along with a friend request on Facebook, which she approved.

This is a pretty cool — and sort of unexpected — development. It will be even cooler if two Tennesseans join us this summer in raising money on RAGBRAI for MCSA.

The only thing that would be even cooler yet is if even more people out there on the World Wide Web read about this project and join us, too. Contact me if you are interested.