Making small steps on a Monday

Headlines … that’s all I have time for today. (Using an ellipses in a sentence without a verb … my homage to the absolutely awful column TV talker Larry King used to write for USA Today.)

Want to know what I like about the temporary gig at the West Liberty Index? Well, you could start with the dress code. What’s not to like about a place where I can show up in shorts and a pair of Keen sandals?

But the real upside is that I am learning how to use InDesign on a Macintosh computer — both of which are new to me, but common at most of the places where I have been applying for jobs.

Speaking of the job search,  in addition to working at the Index, I am trying to finish three applications this week. I’m also working on a couple of volunteer projects. There aren’t enough hours in the day.

Crossfit update: Today was marked by a big jump that shows I’m making small steps toward improvement.   The workout at Warrior Crossfit Muscatine consisted of doing as many sets of the following exercises as you could do in 20 minutes: 25-meter bear crawl, 10 front squats, 10 box jumps and 10 kettle bell swings.

I managed to do seven sets of all of that. But I was happiest about being able to mix in some box jumps with the step ups I’ve done previously. In fact, two or three weeks ago, it seemed unlikely to me that I would ever be able to jump up on that damn box.But I did them today and I’m pretty happy about that.


Making progress — even baby steps — makes me want to keep doing crossfit. And so does this picture, which was taken three years ago. Some of my friends on Facebook got a chuckle out of this picture today. But that’s OK because I’m going to laugh last.


The bottom picture, in which I’m wearing the same jersey and shorts, was taken today.  Still not skinny, but I am making some progress.

It’s time to end this. As you can see, my bike is ready, I’m wearing a jersey and shorts and it’s almost 6 p.m.

Hope everyone has as good of an evening as I am about to have.

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