The Church of Cyclentology

In the end, there were so many jokes about the Cycling Oysters that the jokes themselves became a joke — or, at least a pun: Clam up about the oysters, will ya?

And there were questions: What is a Cycling Oyster?

If you look closely, though, it becomes more obvious that what looked like an “O” was actually a “C,” creating a way to spell Cycling Cysters — a sisterhood of Muscatine women who often bike together.

The women — Peg Heither, Jane McFate, Julie Rose, Diane Olson, Diana Tank, Paula Durham and Carol Ward — organized 10- and 20- mile rides Saturday that were followed by food, beer, movies and plenty of fellowship on the patio, overlooking the Mississippi River, at Elly’s Tea & Coffee. The ride and the party afterward were organized as a fundraiser for Relay for Life, an American Cancer Society event. Communities host the relays…

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