It’s been a great New Year’s morning

Don’t get me wrong: I really like my new job at MCSA.

But I’ve had a great morning of:

  • Lounging around in an old pair of pajama pants and slippers and an even older bathrobe.
  • Drinking LOTS of coffee.
  • Listening to really good music like this.
  • Blogging some myself, but reading other blogs such as, which I really like even though I have very little in common with any of the people profiled.
  • Reading The Interceptor, the new debut novel by Dick Wolf, creator of the Law & Order TV series.

It’s 12 degrees outside as we creep towards noon here in Muscatine. I think a walk is on my agenda and then more music and reading.

A really great New Year would be the one in which I figure out how to convince someone to pay me an obscene amount of money to do these things every day.

A guy can dream, I guess.

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