Birthday week contiunues


Today is Janet’s birthday.

She started celebrating her “birthday week” on Sunday and I’ve been planning and working for days to make sure the actual celebration is good enough. That’s hard to do when the Birthday Girl is as great as Janet.

But here goes …

In no particular order, today’s celebration will include:

  • The cake I baked at 4 a.m. Thursday — after Janet bought and came home with all of the ingredients Wednesday night. Subtle, she is.
  • Dinner tonight in the Quad Cites with Janet, Macy and Jacob.
  • This blog post.
  • Perhaps a few surprises thrown into the mix — maybe I’ll even sing Happy Birthday now that she’s been serenaded by The Rock and Bert and Ernie.

I really don’t know what more to say. Janet is smart, funny and beautiful. And somehow, she still puts up with me. She is the best friend I’ve ever had and the partner I never expected to have. A true co-conspirator. Every day with her is a gift.

Happy Birthday, Janet. Here’s to celebrating many more of them together.

Clearly, this isn’t Janet in the YouTube screen capture, but maybe she’ll like the video anyway.