The wonders of WordPress and pie

Protein BarsThe wonders of WordPresss are still new to me and I learn things every day even though my one-year anniversary of active blogging is fast approaching.

A post earlier today about my pink shirt and necktie was “liked” by Tina, who blogs at We Shall Have Pie. So, being naturally a little nosy, I wandered over to Tina’s blog for a look. And I found this recipe for protein bars. It looked and sounded good.

Besides, how could you not like a blog written by people who call themselves “two girls running for pride and pie.” If they lived in Muscatine, they would be my friends. In fact, if you changed their slogan to biking for pie and pride, you would have a good summation of how many people I know approach RAGBRAI.

The last time, I posted a recipe, I know some readers who baked my mom’s dinner rolls. If anyone steps up to the challenge this time, I hope they’ll drop by to share some of Tina’s protein bars.